Frequently Asked Questions


What is new about GrittyMentor?

This is a novel career development platform that focuses on your unique talents, skills, and potential to help you advance in the pharmaceutical industry.

What are the key benefits of using GrittyMentor services?

To help our job candidates focus their efforts on key areas for career advancement and personal branding.

What are the important results that mentees will gain after being apart of Gritty Mentor?

They will gain valuable knowledge from a mentor who has experience achieving what they are trying to accomplish. They will gain more impact and influence within their jobs and organization and stay on the upward trajectory for their next dream job.

Can recent graduates benefit from joining GrittyMentor? What about new job seekers?

Recent graduates and early career professionals can meet, network and develop mentoring relationships with advanced or experienced career professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.

What are some unique benefits of joining GrittyMentor?

We have a mentoring platform approach that enhances career moves both laterally and vertically.

What does GrittyMentor provide that makes it a world class career development resource?

It has tools that process your “core skills” and use them to help you find a potential next career move.

How Does GrittyMentor personalize career development?

Personalized career development plans are developed as a collaborative effort between mentees, mentors and top industry professionals. These plans will allow you to become the best working professional you can be.